London Garden Bridge video

Yesterday was such a dark, heavy, rainy day here that bright sunshine this morning is a blessed relief. I have internal sunshine shining too, after coming across this video on youtube. One of those crazy hops through the internet that leads you by chance to a real gem you would not otherwise have known existed.images

I had heard about the London Garden Bridge project but had really only been able to grab snippets of information through the SGD publications and the RHS Garden magazine. A collaboration between Thomas Heatherwick and Dan Pearson, whose work I admire enormously; working on a project dreamed up by actress Joanna Lumley, inspired by her childhood spent in Malaysia sounded fascinating.  I have been eager to find out the nitty gritty details of what is was really all about. So now I know! Watch this excellent video and you will too. It is a talk given by the three as part of last summer’s London Festival of Architecture and explained in full what a dynamic, yet intimate garden space the bridge will be. I am very excited to watch the project develop over the coming months and years. There is some strong criticism of the project but I hope this latest feat of British design and engineering will win through!