Curving terraces

Steady progress is being made on the latest of our designs to be built. This is a large country house in a north Bedfordshire village. the ground slopes steeply up and away beside and behind the house and our clients found the views of the grass banks uninspiring. They were also hard to mow and maintain.

We designed sweeping curved terraces retained by stone-faced walls and sleepers. Some terraces will be planted and some will be turfed.

DSC_0112 DSC_0110The construction has been a complex business, made more difficult by the seemingly endless rain last year! A large pond has been dug within the final sweeping curve of the retaining wall. the edges will be planted informally and a large curved deck will appear to hover over the water.

DSC_0114Last November we were at last able to plant out the first area to be completed. This is a steep bank that sits above the stone terraces and was formally an area of weedy turf. We have used a limited palette of perennials which will sweep across the slope in large swathes. This kind of approach is needed for impact when large areas of border are involved.

DSC_0011 DSC_0009

Here we are on planting day!

We are hoping that the build will complete in spring and I will post updates as we progress.