San Francisco Urban Forest



Still weighing up whether I should be wearing a flower in my hair (fifty years too late!), I made my first visit to San Francisco last year. I loved the city; and part of the reason for that was the beautiful tree-lined streets in many of the neighbourhoods. Since the 1980’s  there has been a movement to revitalise the city’s Urban Forest through community participation. The Friends of the Urban Forest help individuals and communities green their own streets, creating a more attractive and healthier environment, reducing crime, absorbing traffic noise and pollution, reducing temperatures and capturing rainwater so reducing flooding.DSC_0123

Those miniature gardens below the trees are also all over the city and are a brilliant idea benefitting from the microclimate created by the tree. Pull up a few paving slabs and off you go!


We walked for miles exploring the city and those streets with a beautiful green canopy made a real difference on a hot day.            DSC_0129.jpg

DSC_0131.jpgDSC_0128.jpgAnother green surprise are the staircase gardens linking one switchback street to another. They are mini green spaces enhancing the neighbourhood and making their exploration a real pleasure. Great views across the city too.   IMG_0644.jpg

And I just can’t resist a tree wearing a cosy!DSC_0184.jpg

More next time on a surprising and iconic green space in New York!